“More than that,” Cox said. “He had no-hit stuff today. His ball is really sinking. I don’t know if I’ve seen him that good since he’s been with us. Lot of strikes, ton of ground balls. I’m pleased, put it that way. More than pleased.”

Mike Hampton

Geeze, my first reaction is to laugh [Hampton tossing the ball-injury free-make that successfully-ha-riiight], and then a smile with a tad bit of excitement creeps onto my face… that right there is what scares the crap outta me! It just means I’m going to put a little more faith into this guy. I don’t want to put more faith in a guy whose sucking up our payroll and hasn’t put up a healthy year since 2004. I don’t want to get excited about the possibility of having him at the end of our rotation behind Smoltz, Huddy, and Glavine. Because I know some way, some how this former Bulldog now China Doll is going to lose it.

Dear Mr. Hampton,

Please prove me wrong.


Hello world!

Ladies and gents, this is blog attempt numero uno. On a lazy Sunday afternoon there are strictly four things I’m going to post about…

1)I’m still getting the feel for Word Press and working on a layout.

2) Bare with me!

3) My Clemson Tigers played their hearts out and put up a good fight against UNC. Couldn’t be prouder… Mr. Booker had a helluva game against Hansbrough and KC Rivers showed up to play. Purnell’s made unbelievable strides with the program and I’m looking forward to the next couple years. ACC look out. Lets keep it going to the Big Dance boys. =)

4) Frenchy gets beaned? In the face? Oh boy. Latest reports say its just lacerations on the lip. Please, let’s make it out of Spring Training with the least number of injuries possible. Sure this is probably purely cosmetic but I still don’t like seeing injury updates.